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Release Notes

2016 Release Notes (InheriTax)

Release Notes for PA InheriTax, 2016

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court published new Register of Wills forms (#06-10) and Orphans’ Court forms (#01-06) on August 9, 2016 (the first such revisions in 10 years). These forms are required for all filings submitted on or after September 1, 2016. This requirement is apparently being strictly enforced (two Status Reports using the old form were rejected today for firms that had not installed the update)...

2015 Release Notes (InheriTax)

Release Notes for PA InheriTax, 2015

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09/23/2015 (12:35 pm): Several users this morning expressed interest in continuing to use the HUD-1 for closings (including cash-only transactions) that do not require the new Closing Disclosure form. We will not be removing the HUD-1 from the InheriTax package, so you will able to continue using it in its current format without interruption...

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