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2016 Release Notes (InheriTax)

Release Notes for PA InheriTax, 2016

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court published new Register of Wills forms (#06-10) and Orphans’ Court forms (#01-06) on August 9, 2016 (the first such revisions in 10 years). These forms are required for all filings submitted on or after September 1, 2016. This requirement is apparently being strictly enforced (two Status Reports using the old form were rejected today for firms that had not installed the update).

The Estate Administration Sheet (RW-01), Petition for Grant of Letters (RW-02, Rev. 10/11/2011), and three Oaths of Witnesses (RW-03, -04, and -05) were *not* revised during this cycle.

Update 2016-247 is our third release of these revised Probate Forms during the past 12 days. Although some customers did download our earlier releases (8/26/2016 and 9/2/2016), we did not announce them because we knew that the extensive changes required more testing.

The revisions affected 11 forms with a total of 51 pages (of which 49 pages had changes other than the 09.01.16 effective date). 

These changes included:

50 new sections
41 new paragraph numbers or letters
117 places with new wording
9 new yes/no boxes
4 new “N/A” boxes
221 total changes

We have also added two new features:

  1. Zoom: On the Options screen (button on lower left corner), you will see a series of zoom settings (lower right corner) so that you can set your display to a comfortable size for the resolution of your current monitor.
  2. Draft: On the Preview screen, a checkbox in the upper left corner will allow you display “Draft” and the current time and date on each page of the PA-1500 and Inventory.


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