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Technical Overview

A technical overview of the InheriTax application

Lackner's Pennsylvania InheriTax (iTax) is a Stand-Alone, single user application, designed to be installed and used on a single workstation by one user at a time.  It is built on the FileMaker 5.5 Runtime engine.  The default installation location is '~\Documents\Lackner Group\InheriTax'.  All files necessary to run InheriTax are inside the installation folder, there are no outside dependencies.  The only important registry entries are made by the original installation program, which lets any subsequent update installers know where the program is located.


Lackner's PA InheriTax



System Requirements

InheriTax is supported on the following operating systems*:

  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 10

As a general rule your system should adhere to the following minimum specifications:

  • 5 GB of Hard Drive space allocated for the application and database files.
  • 8 GB of RAM

*InheriTax is NOT supported on macOS or Windows Terminal Server.


Disk Space

The reccomend allotment of 5GB is more than you'll ever need.  A new installation of InheriTax takes up less than 30MB.  Over time, the folder can grow in excess of 150MB.  The factors that impact folder size are:  

  1. Updates.  When updates are run, a backup of the database files is made in a sub-folder starting with '!Bak...'.  Over time, these can accumulate.
  2. Estate data.  While each estate record is relatively small, over time they add up.  



InheriTax is NOT a multi-user/networkable application.  It can, however, be installed on a shared drive as long as the files stay 100% persistent (no cloud based offline status).  More information about this can be found here.


Features and Benefits

This page contains information necessary to support InheriTax from an IT perspective. If you would like more information on its features and benefits, or to purchase InheriTax, please the product page on our main site here.


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