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What version of FileMaker and/or 6-in-1 am I running?

How to quickly identify the software version you're running.

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When determining the version of your 6-in-1 installation, there are two (and sometimes three) main components that you should be aware of:  FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server (for multi-user installations only), and 6-in-1 databases.  This article helps you identify what versions you're running.

Where can I find my newest license key?

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Wether for a new installation or for your annual license key update, there's a great new built-in feature for getting your most current license key right from within InheriTax!  First, we reccomend that you make sure you're on the latest version.  Next, as of version 2021-266 (9/23/2021), simply click on the license key fields from the Main Menu, and the prompts will take you our new 'Enter New Licnese Key' screen.  Keep in mind that if you just paid your...

Is InheriTax Networkable?

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InheriTax is not a network application.  It is a runtime application where the executable and the data are bound to the same directory and regardless of whether the files are shared to other users or not, the program still only permits a single user to access the data at  any one time.

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